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A patient undergoes blood test at Tongji hospital in Wuhan, Central China"s Hubei province. [Photo by Tao Jidong/]

Businesses around China have asked employees to take extra precautions against the new coronavirus pneumonia disease that has been spreading while continuing to provide quality services to customers.

The State Post Bureau of China has launched an emergency response mechanism to ensure postal and courier services that are in high demand during the Spring Festival holidays won"t be affected by the coronavirus pneumonia disease. Furthermore, it has drafted a plan to prevent hazardous packages from being sent out from Hubei province where the coronavirus contagion broke out, the bureau said in a statement on Wednesday.

The bureau has also urged postal and courier workers to take precautions during the delivery process and monitor their health. Their workplaces must be kept ventilated and sanitized, the statement added.

Costa Coffee, an international coffee chain, issued a statement on Thursday saying thermometers and sanitizing gels will be available at all branches in China. The tables and chairs as well as shop floors will be sanitized to a strict standard. Also, employees are required to log their temperature before their shifts.

Supermonkey, a popular gym chain in China, also sent out a notice on Wednesday to its members stating that all members will receive temperature checks before they can start to work out. People with symptoms of coughing, fever and fatigue won"t be allowed in at any branch.

The coaches are required to log their temperature with the company at the beginning of the classes. The branches have also stocked extra sanitizing gels and sprays to be used by members for free.

Meituan, a leading online food delivery service platform in China, said in a statement on Wednesday that it has required all deliverymen working in the areas where there are outbreaks to wear masks. Their delivery containers will be sanitized at least twice a day. It has also made sure no game products and food are sold via the platform.

It has stopped providing services to certain hospitals in Hubei"s capital of Wuhan, which has temporarily closed local buses, long-distance buses, subway and ferry starting 10 am on Thursday. All flights and trains scheduled to depart from Wuhan also will be temporarily canceled to reduce the risk of spreading the new virus.

Meituan has also banned all businesses that sell masks on the platform from raising prices while ensuring sufficient supplies.

Taobao, China"s largest e-commerce platform, has also banned sellers of masks from raising prices and has released a subsidy to sellers to stabilize prices. Its medicine delivery services in major cities including Wuhan will be carried out as normal during the Spring Festival holiday to ensure people can get much-needed masks and sanitizers fast, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

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